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Personal Equilibriums - weight, potential, productivity, & prosperity

Your weight fluctuates. Its a function of your biology, your eating habits (diet), average level of effort throughout the day (work/gym/sports/free time). With no intentional effort directed toward weight gain/loss you will find your self at an equilibrium, or some unfortunate people find them selves never bottoming out and heading towards health issues getting too obese/frail. Maybe that is the case for everything in life.  Our experiences geared us toward some level of prosperity/weight/love/enjoyment/pain. We can always attempt  short burst of concentrated effort, like a diet, but it will do nothing in the long term, it needs to be a life style change to bring on any meaning full change in our equilibriums.


I created my first program when I was in elementary school. My Dyslexia and word-find puzzles didn't play well together. It must have been 3rd or 4th grade, we would get some sort of reward for completing the puzzle quickly. I figured out I could hunt for a word one at a time by picking the first letter from a single word. Scanning line by line for that letter, then once found, I would scan all its neighbor's for the next letter in the word, making it impossible to not find the word by the end of a complete scan. To me, this technique was a breakthrough and I finally felt I had a chance to finish the puzzle on time, rather than stare blankly at the letters for a length of time not finding anything... I gleefully explained my process to my teacher, who looked at me like I was an idiot, and dismissed my groundbreaking revelation. Dismissively proclaiming, 'oh that will take forever to finish'... I didn't know what an algorithm was, I didn't know what a progr

Religion: Atheist

I was asked once, while on a court witness stand, why I was an Atheist... I failed to adequately explain. It seemed like such a ridiculous question with countless small reasons that I couldn't drum up one good one on the spot. I should have said, "Because I read the whole Bible, in context, and analyzed it critically", that would maybe be my main most tangible reason. But I stuttered and stumbled; faltered while thinking the smug self important lawyer talking to me is too blind to see how ridiculous the question was. My answer, while still a legitimate answer to the physical question asked, it was not the answer to the question intended. "Be cause I don't believe in Gods.", knowing full well the definition was known to all in the room, but was a passable success of ending my apparent speechlessness. My own utterance added to my confoundment of the situation, I looked incredulously at the smug self assured lawyer and was annoyed at his gull to ask. And eve

Philosophy: Determinist

Take this very moment, pause time, rewind it back 10 seconds, and press play again. Give all conscious beings the ability to remake the previous few decisions and actions. Would, or even could, there be any differences 10 seconds later when we get back to our starting point? A more tangible thought experiment: Flip a coin. First, rummage around to find a coin. Perch it on your bent fingers with your thump poised under it, and let your thump spring upward and watch the coin rise and fall to the ground. Heads... Now rewind time to just before you started looking for the coin, and play it forward. Internally your brain is in the exact same state as it was the first time. You know nothing about the rewind and believe this is your first attempt. All of your cells in your entire body are in the same state. All of your neurotransmitters are all at the same place in the same quantities, neurons all at the same charges. Exteriorly the coin is at the same place. Everything about the room i


If you ever you question if something is moral, without invoking the supernatural, simply ask if it's sustainable. If everyone who found themselves in a similar context and did that same action, would it be sustainable throughout time? If yes then maybe it should be considered moral and accepted, if not, then it should be immoral and should not be done. A broader 'Golden Rule' if you will. So what is sustainable through time? World Peace, resource conservation, colonizing other planets other solar systems other galaxies, at a pace that would sustain our existence. Using resources in a sustainable way, treating people in a way could sustain relationships. Curing diseases. This has its holes, and it's probably an argument that it is sustainable to murder a cheating husband. Although that becomes unsustainable if every man were to cheat. So then the task becomes cultivating circumstance to avoid the drive to cheat, and cultivating men that don't cheat, although

Random Ideas

Deep Fakes: old Music Videos updated to play/sing recent music Append Google Scholar to WikiData in its entirety and maintain it. WikiData does have some published articles but does not have references on most, and is far sparser than Google Scholar. This will allow detailed graph search. Example: Given two lists of authors, find any author pairs where one has reference the other. useful when finding an advisor that is into papers you have recently read SELECT ?item ?itemLabel WHERE {   ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q13442814.   ?item wdt:P2093 "Steven Werner"   #?item